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Grandma’s Rocking Chair

Mother’s Day reminds me of all the Grandmas and Moms that have held precious babies in their arms in this very special chair.  My grandfather and father were rocked in this chair.  My precious momma cuddled and rocked all her babies, including me.  When I became a Mom, the special chair was gifted to me.  I rocked my baby and my grandbaby and neighborhood babies and friend babies in this chair. 


So much love is infused in this chair that you can feel it the minute you sit down.  The mystical connection that glows out from a babies’ eyes has soaked into the very fabric of the chair.  Sitting in this chair, a warm rush of love and light flies in and the cares of the world drift away. 


I am grateful for all that love washing over me from past generations and shining from me to future generations.