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Grateful for today’s young people with fresh ideas

When I ponder the future of our world, I see a grand and glorious time ahead of us. How do I know? Well… it’s these kids today. The “Covid kids” seem to have exited the plague as thoughtful and concerned about their peers and their planet.

One such “wunderkind” is my friend Sara Bin Ali – a teenager and inventor of Clear Skies drone, an innovation to help restore our planet. With a built-in air-filter, it cleans the air. It also has a built in sensor to collect data of what in the air around it. Using this data, it can be sent to a system where data scientists could use look at the data, and/or it can use the data itself. Its use of GPS plus using the data itself allows it to automatically find a correlation between a place and where a lot of carbon emissions are coming from- and it can set a track to go over to that area. And being a drone, it has the ability to not use gas as fuel, so it doesn’t ironically leave a carbon trace of its own!

Check out Sara’s video of her project, and be inspired to help the earth in your way.