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Gratitude and “The Five Languages of Love”

Love and gratitude are connected, like coffee and cream. Separately, they are joyful values that bring sweetness to life. Together, they integrate to build a way of life, a way of seeing life and being in life, that changes everything.

 Dr. Gary Chapman, in his book, The 5 Languages of Love, helps readers discover and understand the five specific languages of love. He shares how to identify your and your partner’s primary love languages. Intermingled in the text are essential lessons on how Gratitude and Love work together.

 Chapman outlines the 5 love languages:

–       Physical touch – You feel and show love and gratitude through physical affection. Giving hugs, getting hugs, makes your joy soar

–       Words of affirmation and appreciation – share and demonstrate your love through compliments, handwritten notes, and posts.

–        Gifts – The love language of receiving and giving gifts is not materialistic but rather a gesture and an act of generosity. Give to show your love, with nothing expected in return – and watch for miracles to reward your devotion.

–       Acts of Service  – Actions speak louder than words. Feel the love and demonstrate your love by doing a unique service you know they will appreciate.

–       Share quality time – true presence and undivided attention demonstrate your love and appreciation. Stop, listen, and connect. Be present. Feel the love flow.

Each of these ways of sharing love contains opportunities for gratitude as we share our touch, words, and acts with an “attitude of gratitude” in each expression of love we share.

 Share your love for the whole world to see. Send a note and share your appreciation to your friend and the universe.


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