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Unity PA Partnership & Unity Palo Alto Partner to Extend the Global Gratitude Circle

Los Gatos, CA (November 27, 2020) —, a simple, free, online forum for sharing gratitude, today announced its partnership with Unity Palo Alto.  This partnership enables Unity Palo Alto members to easily post online notes from a simple link on the Unity Palo Alto website. distributes these thank-you notes via email to the recipients and, using Twitter’s broadcast capability, displays the note on the Unity Palo Alto website, the website, and to the Twitter world at large.

“Unity Palo Alto’s mission is to be a source of positive spiritual principles to help people live their lives better every day,” said Reverend John Riley, Senior Minister of Unity Palo Alto. “A key part of positive living is feeling and expressing gratitude, and makes it simple and fun.  We are happy to support the mission and to help it extend gratitude worldwide.” began as the dream of founder Frances Mann-Craik and grew after meeting up with another tech-industry pro Sabrina Akhtar during a Unity Palo Alto workshop. With Reverend Riley’s strong encouragement to not just “think about” creating good in the world… but to “do something” to create that good, the team went to work, and was born. The dream is to build a Global Gratitude Circle, leveraging social media, with the website at the core and a presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. allows the givers and receivers of “thank you” notes to feel more joyful and spread compassion in the community.  

“You can’t force gratitude, but you can encourage it,” Frances said. “We have made the process free and simple and are delighted to watch it grow organically.  With like-minded partners, including Unity Palo Alto, we envision a circle of gratitude encompassing the entire world. On this Thanksgiving weekend, I want to give a special thanks to my technical collaborator, Sabrina Akhtar, and marketing collaborators Kayla Rebozzi, Sami MacDonald, and Ali Harris. I am forever grateful for your help in making my dream come true,” Frances concluded.

About, located in Silicon Valley, was launched on Thanksgiving Day 2019 by a team of big-hearted, high-tech pros to provide a social engagement platform for sharing gratitude. The website provides a simple, free way to share appreciation for “good deeds” in a public way, without any sign-up.  Our goal is to showcase the benefits of gratitude — to both the giver and the receiver — and help make the world a bit happier…one “thank you” at a time. Give it a try at

About Unity Palo Alto
Unity Palo Alto offers practical, spiritual teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living. We are inclusive, welcoming and believe in positive, affirmative thought.  Unity Palo Alto is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization.  For more information, visit