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Who We Are is a team of globally remote high-tech pros building a global chain of gratitude… one thank-you post at a time.  We make it easy to use the positive power of technology to reach around the globe.  Join us to celebrate past-good-deeds in the present and extend the attitude of gratitude into the future.  

Why We Do

We want to show the world that good things happen every single day, one kind act at a time.  This generosity is appreciated and multiplied when we openly share our thanks.  So, let’s all share the good stuff, and see if we can, together, make the world a little bit kinder and happier.

What We Do aims to help bridge the “connection” gap, providing a public place to share gratitude.  We hope both the givers and receivers will enjoy happy memories, a glow, and a little joy… then pass it along! 

Meet Our Team

Frances Mann-Craik,

Frances Mann-Craik, Fairy Godmother to high-tech startups, is a computer industry pioneer with decades of Silicon Valley marketing and sales contribution.  From her earliest days, working with Bill and Dave at HP, to working with international startups, to running her own tech-marketing agency, Frances has been surrounded by people who have helped her build a successful career and meaningful life. is her way of saying “thank you” to all of you, with the hope you are inspired to pass it on. 

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Vithoria Escobar, Whole-Hearted Digital Marketing Pro

Vithoria blends her digital marketing expertise with content from her beautiful soul to create the heartfelt messages of  Originally from Brazil and living in Ireland, Vithoria’s unique perspective as a digital marketer, award-winning dancer, and global thinker is fundamental to’s organic growth and success.  

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Alison Harris, SEO Guru

Alison Harris, President of Addison Marketing, is an invaluable volunteer member of the team.  Her wise counsel and positive support are helping accelerate the organic growth of the Global Gratitude Platform.

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Zion Abdullah, Webmaster 

Zion abdullah, is taking care of our website. 

Special thank you to Sabrina Akhtar, creator of the original website.

Frances’ gift to humanity is tremendous.  She has encapsulated the essence of what the universe wants us to do – to move from survive to thrive, or evolve our consciousness.  With – we are called to express gratitude, when grateful – we feel full, content, appreciative and healthy.  That in turn sends a powerful vibration of abundance into the world and a creates a sense of unity and shifts our collective consciousness from lack to love.

Gautam Mulchandani
Director of Marketing & Alumni Engagement
, Menlo College