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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How does this platform work?  How do I Give Thanks?

Do you want to say thanks?  Click on “Give Thanks” and fill out the form.  No password or registration is needed.  We’ll do the “magic.” Your note will post on the website and  “automagically” pin to The Cloud on Instagram, Facebook, and other popular Social Media sites, which may change from to time.  

2.  How do you Get Thanks?

Has someone posted a note to you?  Search on the Gratitude Live Stream on this website. 

3.  Where will my note appear?

Your note will appear online on the website’s “Home” page and  “Gratitude Blog” page and posted to The Cloud on Instagram, Facebook, and other popular Social Media sites, which may change from to time.  

4.  Are you collecting information about me or my friend?

No.  We do not keep any information about you or the person you thank.   

5.  Is my name being put on a mailing list?

No.  Sending or receiving a note does not put you or your friend on a mailing list.  

6.  What does “Pin a Note in the Cloud” mean? 

“Cloud” is being used here as a metaphor for the Internet.  We are posting (pinning) your message to Social Media sites so that your note can be viewed publicly and encourage gratitude in others.

7.  How are you making money on

We’re not. is 100% pro bono (for the good of humanity) and 100% bootstrapped (self-funded).  We aren’t making or taking any money from anyone.   

8.  Will my note be visible on the Internet?

Yes.   Your note will be visible to everyone worldwide on Social Media sites.  Our mission is to spread gratitude — publicly and openly — to encourage more good deeds and expressions of appreciation.   

9.  What if I don’t want my note to show in The Cloud?

Please don’t use if you don’t want to be in The Cloud on Social Media.  We understand you may prefer to say “Thank You” privately.  That’s a great idea, and we encourage you to send a letter, make a phone call, send an email, or even a message in a bottle.  We hope has inspired you to reach out and say thanks.

10.  What if the person I want to thank doesn’t want to be a presence on the public Internet?

If your friend is uncomfortable with an online “shout out,” please don’t use

11.  I’m used to .com and .org and .edu – what in the world is .io?

The .io domain has existed since 1997 and was initially assigned as the ccTLD (country domain name) for British Indian Ocean Territory.  It seems the perfect name for our website. feels a bit like IOU!

12.  How long do ThankU’s stay on Social Media or the Gratitude Live page?

Notes may stay on Social Media forever – depending on the policies of each platform.  They will move down the  timeline as others go on, but they can be found via Search.

13.  What if I don’t know the name of the person I want to thank?

You don’t need to know the person’s name!  You can call them “Helpful Stranger,” “John/Jane Doe,”  “Grocery Store Employee,” or “UPS Guy.”

14.  This is a cool idea – where did it come from?

Our Founder, Frances, was doing a pro bono project for her alma mater, Menlo College, when a professor mentioned, “My favorite thing is when I hear back from a student who tells me I taught them something that helped their life.  It doesn’t happen very often.”   This encounter was the seed for the idea of an online gratitude site.  So many people who make a difference in life are under-appreciated.  We hope to help with that in our small way.