Grateful for Surprises!

Flower in winter

My heart is full of gratitude for this glorious surprise on a cold winter hike – this little white flower growing by the side of the trail. The forest abounds with winter glory of green, brown and gold – lush green moss, mushrooms popping out from the ground and from tree stumps, tree branches full […]

Grateful for our Leaders on President’s Day

American flag and President's Day quote

As I celebrate President’s Day, I reflect on the profound impact of the leadership team that is shaping our nation. Gratitude for the dedicated leaders who have steered the course of history is the cornerstone of our unity. Resisting evil and hatred are also cornerstones of our unity. On this day, we acknowledge the sacrifices […]

Gratitude Nourishes the Soul

Dark clouds and streams of rain with gratitude quote

As rain nourishes the earth, so can gratitude nurture your heart. Create a sacred garden within, where moments of appreciation bloom like flowers after a gentle rain. Celebrate the growth and beauty that gratitude brings, making your heart a sanctuary of peace.

Love and Gratitude: The Artistry of Life

Image of sunrise and clouds with gratitude quote "Love and gratitude: The artistry of life."

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who Love Love!!! In the canvas of life, love and gratitude emerge as masterful strokes, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of our journey. Love, like a spectrum of hues, brings life to the canvas. It infuses our days with warmth, passion, and connection. From the love we share with […]

Gratitude’s timeless wisdom whispers in the wind

photo of hillside and trees with clouds and quote about wind

Listen closely to the whispers of the wind and discover the timeless wisdom of gratitude. Open your heart to the subtle teachings that appreciation brings. Embrace the gentle teachings of gratitude to transform your life with joy and wisdom.

Grateful for Surprise Moments of Bright Joy

Photo of red berry with Gratitude quote

Sometimes, winter’s green and brown in the Santa Cruz Mountains is punctuated by a bright red berry. Just one bright red dot in the vast landscape of green and brown. Grateful for this reminder that the colors of spring will soon refresh the landscape.

Heart filled with gratitude for today’s miracles

Image of sunset with gratitude saying

As the sun sets, it’s a great time to reflect on all the colors of your day with a heart full of gratitude. Each moment is a stroke of color on the canvas of your life. Paint your evening with the all the colors of thankfulness.

Life is filled with clouds and sunshine…be grateful.

Cloudy sky with gratitude saying

Life is filled with clouds AND sunshine, and both are reflections of our journey. Whether stormy or serene, let’s express gratitude for the lessons learned and the hope found in the clear skies. Realize every cloud has a silver lining.

“We are all Good People here.”

Quote: "We are all good people here."

So grateful to the kind strangers who watched over my purse I left behind as I was trying on shoes @Costco.  Five minutes later, when I came rushing back in a panic, the same two people were still chatting near the shoe section – and watching over my left-behind purse.  When I returned, the nice […]