A handwritten “thank you” note is a hug you get to keep… forever

Drawing of Fairy with note: "a Handwritten note is a hug you get to keep...forever"

On some very special days, I wonder to my mailbox and find a handwritten note amongst the bills and fliers. In a world filled with digital communication, there’s something truly magical about receiving a handwritten note. And even better when it has original art – like this note from my sweet sister Suzi in Alabama. It’s a tangible reminder of thoughtfulness and care, carrying with it the warmth of a heartfelt hug. Like a fairy’s touch, it brings a sprinkle of joy into our lives.

When we take the time to put pen to paper, we’re not just writing words – we’re weaving a connection, creating a moment of genuine human connection in a world that can sometimes feel disconnected. Each stroke of the pen carries intention, each word a piece of our heart.

Whether it’s a thank-you note, a birthday card, or a simple message of love, a handwritten note has the power to uplift, to comfort, and to remind us that we’re not alone. It’s a treasure to be cherished, a reminder of the beauty of human connection.

So let’s embrace the magic of handwritten notes, and let’s spread a little more love and kindness with each word we write.